Wrist Watches, Sustainable Unique Gifts


Most of ya'll know, The Harvest Trail Journey's wood products are made using sustainable wood pieces by "The Meat Man" and I for the shop, but did you know we try to implement sustainable practices in our daily lives too? We have systems in place to catch rain water (a constant work in progress), we also use a drip irrigation system in our garden to insure the least amount of water use possible, our garden compost is made from restaurant material waste and recycled wood products, we even make some of our own homemade cleaning products and have just ventured into wearing more sustainably attained attire. Here is our latest find...

JORD Wrist Watches

JORD wrist watches, are beautiful in every way!  JORD Watches use only 100% natural sustainably sourced wood to make their wrist watches. Score! We are so happy to find a like minded company. Their watches feature woods like bamboo, maple, koa, blackwood, cherry, sandalwood, and zebrawood. A great majority of the wood they use comes from furniture remnants (they are after my heart, I swear). From those pieces, a team hand chooses pieces based on the grain, the coloring, and the density of the wood so that the finished piece looks uniform (we know first hand this takes a long time). 


Click on the word giveaway for a chance to win $75 off a Jord Watch! All entries will receive a coupon for 10% off.  Winner announced June 7th 2016. 

JORD makes wooden watches in different styles for both men and women (hello Father's day Gift, we need one in two weeks, so perfect timing). My wrist watch came wrapped on a monogrammed pillow and in a light-weight engraved wooden box -a perfect all time display piece for the watch! I received the Cora Series, Koa and Rose Gold Watch. It's made from Koa wood, the interior is rose gold, and the hours are trimmed with 21 jewels. The movement, another sustainable feature, remains in motion by a self-winding system which I prefer to searching and replacing watch batteries (how many watches stay in your jewelry box because they need batteries?). This really is a perfect 

If you are looking for a sustainable unique gift for yourself make sure you check out all their styles.