Simples Ways To Clean a Chicken Nesting Box

Importance of a clean nesting box for chickens

This is kind of a no brainier, right? I mean, we eat what they lay in those boxes, but sometimes knowing how to care of the nesting boxes takes a little more brain work. This blog covers the tricks and tips we use on our little mountain farm! Bonus- it's super simple.

1. Try not to porous materials for your boxes. Bacteria loved to hide in little nooks and crannies. We use crates. Not very pretty but very functional.

2. Make sure to use lots of bedding in the boxes and change it out about once a week. This will make it harder for your hen to accidentally break an egg. Some say hens learn to eat eggs by accidentally breaking one and instinct telling them to eat the evidence in order to hide it from predators. 

3. Use a herb mix like Treats For Chickens Nesting Box Blend to promote calmness and cleanliness in your boxes. Herbs are good for all living things including both humans and hens. The Treats For Chickens blend helps keep your flock calm and free of mites, lice, and other parasites you just don't want to have in your coop! Don't forget to mix with food grade diatomaceous earth for even more protection.    

That's it.  So easy and you chickens and kitchen will thank you for it!