Scrambling to Pay More for Your Eggs? 3 Reasons You Should Own Your Own Chickens in Albuquerque

1.       Price of eggs

Consumers and food companies alike are scrambling to pay a lot more for eggs. The cause is an avian bird flu that hit most large suppliers of U.S. meat and egg producing poultry farms in April 2015.  When the outbreak began, the poultry market was slaughtering up to a million diseased or possibly diseased birds per day. Liquid eggs sold for favorites like ice-cream–hit an all time high of $2.13 a dozen, up 238 percent since the flu began.

2.       You Can Rent Chickens, No Seriosuly -You can 

Renegade Poultry made these two great coops for another fellow agrarian, Artisan Valley Smokehouse. 

Renegade Poultry made these two great coops for another fellow agrarian, Artisan Valley Smokehouse

Before you start thinking there is no sunny side up your future egg consumption maybe you should consider raising your own eggs.  Afraid you might ruffle some feathers with chicken ownership?  Rent a few from Renegade Poultry, a local Albuquerque Company. For $20 a month you get two egg-laying hens or four teenage hens, as well as coop. They even hand paint their coops in many New Mexico favorite designs (make sure to check out their hot air balloon coop). Renegade Poultry will drop off the coop to your backyard, and you can rent it as long as you like.  Their hope is you love it so much you buy the coop and their chickens. 

3.       Albuquerque Zoning Laws

Albuquerque is pretty agrarian friendly. According to Albuquerque's Comprehensive City Zoning Code, poultry ownership is permitted in residential zones.  You can even own a cow, horse or goat for every 10,000 feet of land. You don’t even need a permit.  You can have up to 15 chickens including a rooster.  If you worried about a rooster wake up call being too much for your neighbors, try bribing them with eggs.  If you are interested in seeing other Duke City coops in action you might want to join the Duke City Fix Group, ABQ Chicken Keepers