How To Give A Chicken A Bath

I noticed our Buff Orpington, Rapunzel, has been getting a little dirty in the derriere, so we decided to give her a bath.  Bathing a chicken is simpler than it sounds...

1. In a deep sink or tub, add enough warm water to cover the chickens lower half. Gently lower the chicken into the water and hold her down softly. Many people don't know that you can distress a chicken and even suffocate them by holding them too tight, chicks especially, add just enough pressure to hold her still without causing her to exhale quickly.

2. We rinsed her well and then put her on the counter for a rub only down in the hind end with a gentle hand soap. Take time to really get the dirt and/or chicken pooh off the offending feathers (you would hate to repeat this game again any time soon). Rinse again and possibly a third time if the water is still murky.  

3. Depending on the weather you might keep the chicken indoors for a while as we did.  We rarely get moody weather here, but the last three days have brought on and off again sleet and rain. We locked up the kitten and brought in her friend, Nugget, to keep her calm.  They enjoyed a few blueberries and then headed outside to dry.

4. Make sure your chicken is not dirty from parasites or more importantly, being egg bound.  We will be watching to make sure she is back to normal over the next few hours by checking on her every often. We also added some apple cider vinegar to their water ( 1 tablespoon per gallon) to remove any parasites.  If you want more info on keeping your chickens healthy naturally check out this wonderful article by my favorite chicken blogger, Lisa Steele, from Fresh Eggs Daily.