A New Year, A New Harvest

It is finally 2016, and after saying good bye to the family for the holidays, putting away the Christmas decor, and giving the home a fresh clean start, its’ time to take a deep breath and jump into the new year.

Garden Box

Starson and I have also been doing some “house cleaning” on The Harvest Trail Journey and can’t wait to share both our new website and new decor available to you this January.  We have streamlined our look on our social media pages, Etsy and the website, making it easier for you to: learn more about us; see what’s available in our wood working department; and follow along on our mountain life adventures.


Looking Back

This last year has included many new beginnings and changes.  Starson and I were married over Labor Day weekend in one of our favorite places on earth, Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. As you might know, Starson is a corporate chef working for Shamrock Foods as their Center of Plate Specialist -aka meat specialist.  Philmont Scout Ranch is one of Shamrock clients and Starson donates his time to prepare meals for the 150 or so people who make up the Ranch Committee when they come up 3 times a year to discuss the ranch and take tours.  Starson has taken me with him every time he goes up to the ranch and we developed a love for the land as well as the people of Philmont.  We also developed our own relationship there as it’s the place where we said our first “I love yous” and finally our “I dos”. 

Star and Erin Wedding In Garden

Another big change was our move into the east mountains of Albuquerque, and I kid you not, we literally live on the side of a mountain. Our shop is now a little larger and who can complain about sanding away on a piece of wood with views like ours? Our shop is not the only thing that has grown in size.  Starson’s two sons, 10 and 11 moved in with us and are loving life on the mountain.  The animals have also increased in numbers with our kitten, Oreo, who often comes along with me to check on other new additions- the chickens.  I have many pictures to share of our proud new additions. The sounds of a full house is making our hearts full as well.

My own adventure with The Harvest Trail Journey also hit a mile stone.  I was published for the first time since completing my Masters in Agriculture almost 10 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I left my “city job” in advertising to follow my heart and roots in agriculture.  The paper was a finale to a project I had worked on for about a year, an economic impact study and survey on New Mexico Food Cooperatives.  This project was completed for La Montanita Food Cooperative with the help of a college professor of mine from New Mexico State University, Dr. Jay Lillywhite.

Looking Forward

Monogrammed White Toolbpx

The Harvest Trail Journey has huge plans for growth this year with the addition of our woodworking business and Etsy store. While I will continue to share knowledge of sustainable practices in agriculture, as well as projects, restaurants and farms involved in the Farm to Table Movement, and promoting awareness of agriculture as a whole, we will be concentrating the bulk of our growth on the woodworking business.  

Starson and I both grew up in the southwest, him in Tucson, AZ and me in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We will be sticking to our roots as far as design for The Harvest Trail Journey woodworking, we know it and appreciate it best. The rustic nature of the ranches and farms found in the southwest partnered with the deeply rooted Native American and Hispanic cultures offer us more than enough inspiration and pride to do a job well done.

We are looking forward to really growing The Harvest Trail Journey with you and sharing our adventures of mountain life.   We would love for you to follow along and connect to our journey as we build, garden, cook, and raise our animals.  I hope you also have an amazing 2016.


Erin and Starson Roy

The Harvest Trail Journe