A Migraine Cured

Mortar with Herbs

Let me tell you about what's in this mortar.  Yesterday I had a horrible migraine. I was so sick I was throwing up after leaving the oriental doctor full of anti-nausea meds. I even missed out on my step kiddos poetry reading at the local library, an honor he was given for winning a 5th grade poetry contest. I was so sad I had missed his event and definitely afraid he would be sad with me for missing out. Sometimes I forget how big his heart really is...

He came home after dark and asked for a flashlight upon entering the house. He went directly outside and gathered herbs to help me feel better- lavender, sage, mint and rosemary. All of them known for helping headaches and nausea (and hear I thought this 11 wasn't listening to me go on and on about natural remedies). He muddled them up and set them on my lap with a smile.

Needless to say- I felt instantly better.