Herbs: The Benefits of Peppercorn



I am helping my step son finish his 5th grade science fair project. Let me tell you, this poor kid! My science brain quickly went down the rabbit hole and pretty soon we were looking up milliequivalents of sodium found in urine for a project originally starting with "let's see which brands of diapers holds the most water". Eek, poor kid! After quickly pulling my head out of the Internet black hole we are well on our way to being done. 

Since my head's still spinning from the warp I asked The Meat Man for help. Help as in please pick an herb or a spice for me to write about today. He said salt. Oh gosh, I should have had him read yesterday's blog about the definitions of spice. Before heading off into another tailspin I simply asked him what his favorite plant herb or spice was and after a few minutes of silence while he thought, remember he is a chef and these questions are serious and take time, (which I thoroughly enjoyed the silence by the way), he said peppercorn. He said peppercorn because there are so many variations of peppercorn- black, white and... I checked out from there because he sounded a little like Bubba from Forest Gump reciting his favorite shrimp dishes. Oh my, I am tired!  I thought, "this will be easy, I mean how is peppercorn good for us?". Wrong! When I looked it up, the first sentence I read on peppercorn is "has a host of benefits". Seriously?! 

The Project

This project, #The100DaysofHerbs, derives from the #The100DayProject on Instagram. The start Date is April 19, 2016 and goes for 100 days ending July 25, 2016. The project asks people to pick up a paintbrush, camera, meditation -anything for 100 days and document the process.   I am also using #The100DayProject to enhance my beginner knowledge of herbs and to strengthen both my fledgling photography and writing skills.

Why Herbs (I will update this section weekly so check back over the journey)?

Week One: I was diagnosed with an "incurable disease" by Western Medicine two years ago and after a bit of crying, and trusting my gut to say no to the VERY HARMFUL drug they wanted to put me on to "help" manage my symptoms (not even cure the disease), God put me right in front of an herbalist’s doors, and I haven't looked back since. More on that over the next 100 days. 

Peppercorn Facts

Peppercorn, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. Peppercorn has an active component called piperine that gives black pepper its characteristic taste. Plus, it contains iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium, vitamins A and C, and other nutrients. BTW- a dried fruit that is actually a spice? Mind Blown! See yesterday's post for more.

Benefits of Peppercorn 

Improves digestion
Improves nutrient absorption
Simulates appetite
Facilitates weight loss
Relieves gas
Helps clear congestion
Combats arthritis
Fights cancer
Natural antidepressant